Help-How it works?

Thanks for joining the millions of people worldwide who will buy tickets online on to participate in a Traditional Indian Wedding ceremony. A brand new concept started evolving in year 2016. Hence we understand you would like to know – how this whole thing works. So, here is our first-timer “tutorial” for both – the Wedding Ticket Buyers as well as for Wedding Ticket Sellers on the online marketplace.

How to reserve your seat in an Indian Wedding event (for Foreign Tourist Guests in India)

If you are a foreign tourist in India and would like to enjoy by participating in an Indian wedding in a nearby town or city or within your city where you are staying, then it is very simple process like 1, 2, 3:

  • Search: Simply search for a wedding of your choice based on city, date, duration, contribution price, meal type etc.
  • Pay: Enjoy great buying experience, hassle free express checkout with a wide range of online payment options (Debit/Credit cards, PayPal etc).
  • Ticket: Within 24 hours after successful payment processing, you will receive an order confirmation email containing your e-ticket to the wedding. That’s all!


How to have your Indian wedding listed on EIW website  (for engaged  Indian couples, wedding hosts) 

If you are a host, either a soon-to-be-married couple or an authorized representative working on behalf of soon-to-be-married couple; then the process to list your wedding on EnjoyIndianWedding is given below:

  • Send Inquiry:  Simply fill in the Host Registration form
  • Screening: EIW associate will get in touch with you for a quick screening round involving background check of bride and grooms, and validation of the information provided by them or by an authorized person of their behalf.
  • Create Wedding Event: Upon successful screening a dedicated regional EIW associate in India will guide you to create your wedding event on EIW site. The EIW associate will also help you to come up with a reasonable price for the wedding tickets as well as total number of additional seats to accommodate foreign guests. The wedding registration and listing upon successful screening is FREE of charge service for the wedding host with no hidden fees.


1. Will I get paid to invite foreign tourist guests?

The idea to invite foreign guests to your wedding is, so that, together with your family members, relatives, friends and your social network; you can showcase rich Indian culture, heritage and traditions around wedding and enjoy the party together. Share authentic Indian food. Bollywood dance parties. EIW takes care of all logistics (example: Taxi assistance to bring our foreign guests to the wedding venue, food cost etc.).  The foreign guests will pay for their hotel stay and travel so you don’t need to bother. On top of no additional cost to you to host our foreign guests; EIW “might” also contribute a small monetary gift to help in your wedding expense or to contribute in honeymoon cost, from the surplus we have left after paying all costs for hosting the guests. However this is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors, not in our control. The primary objective is to celebrate your life event together with foreign tourists guests.

2. I want to invite the foreign guests, only if I am getting paid for sure. What is the guarantee?

If your primary expectation is to make money then we suggest EIW is not the right option for you. EIW do not promise or guarantee any monetary returns.

3. How much in advance I should register my wedding on the EIW website?

Ideally, 3-4 months in advance.

We need enough time to create a wedding page for your wedding. We need your short story like, how did you two met, is it arranged or love marriage etc. We will also need a professionally shot pre-wed photographs. showing off the faces of the marrying couples clearly in clear and high resolution pics. We also receive some weddings in 6 months to 1 year in advance.

4. Any tips for photographs that we need to send to EIW?

Our foreign guests would love to know more about you. Your photographs are your first impression for them. Hence, we need you to send us your clear and high resolution photographs to email id.

  • Photo count: Please send us atleast 10 good photos in email and our content writing team will shortlist best of the best 6.
  • What we look for in your photos?: Great photos showing detail. Photos showing the brides full-length outfit, pre-wed pics outdoor or indoor, the decor, floral arrangements or shots of details showing a unique personalized element,  fashion outfit, outdoor monuments in your city ( show off best of your city, why not) , or simply show of your jewelry. Just get creative. We suggest to hire a professional photographer for a lifetime experience, to capture best of you both, so you can cherish these moments forever.
  • Important: Please send us your photos, not others. Be authentic. Be you. Our foreign tourists are interested to know you more, before they decide to join your wedding. We reserve right to remove your wedding instantly if we come across any such instance. Simple tip: Be Authentic and its a lot simpler that we might think.
  • Need professional tips on how to take better photographs? Checkout one of our favorite link on WedMeGood. We don’t represent them, so please feel free to search any other freely available resources also.

5. I don’t expect any monetary benefits in return of inviting foreign guests to my wedding. What EIW plans to do with the funds raised by contribution made by foreign tourists guests?

With the surplus income, after paying all operation, sales, marketing costs; EIW plans to support Indian women entrepreneurs connected with the Indian wedding industry to economically educate, engage and empower them. The ultimate objective is to improve their overall quality of life, including better health, education and financial stability for them and their families.

6. Is online payment on EIW website secure?

Yes, we use digital security services provided by industry standard payment services provided by Paypal and, COMODO Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.


7. I prefer to call a number instead of sending email. Where can I call?

Please on direct mobile number +91 77288 55188 in India.

If the direct mobile number is busy, please send a text message with brief description of your question and a preferred time to call back. One of our EIW support associate will try to call you back ASAP. Please note that our support associate in India is available to accept or reply your calls during 11:00 am IST to 7:00 pm IST on week work days (except public holidays in India).

8. I have some ideas to improve the overall EIW service experience. Where can I submit my ideas?

At EIW we are open to hear to your ideas. Please send an email to with subject line starting with capital word “IDEA”. Our team is eager to listen about your ideas. We can’t guarantee that all ideas contributed by you will be implemented instantly. However you can be sure that your ideas are on our Idea Review list and sooner or later, based on feasibility and priority, we will consider them to implement.

9. Why should I list my wedding on EIW site?
Listing your wedding on EIW site is important for interested foreign tourists, travelers, expats, students, bloggers, diplomats, businessmen, professionals and researchers to get to know you better.

This can also be a great new way to network with foreigners with diverse cultural background and share experiences, in a relaxed and fun environment of your own wedding.

10. Do Bride/Groom couple need to take care of any local logistic arrangements (hotel, transport etc) and related cost to invite foreigner guests to their wedding in India?
No. EIW, together it’s travel partners takes care of it.

11. What do Indian Bride/Groom couple get in return?
1. Per plate (per thali) food cost is reimbursed
2. Wedding Gift
3. “Possibility” to contribute financially in your Honeymoon cost (depending upon how many foreigners you allow in your wedding, how many actually show up, per head ticket price etc).
4. An opportunity for Bride/Groom to show off thier rich Indian wedding culture and heritage, lavish decos, authentic Indian cuisines with spicy yummliness and endless amount of food selections, rituals/Henna/Mehndi, their
traditional/Bollywood dance moves, their traditional and/or modern wedding outfits/fashion; and much more.
5. Networking opportunity with foreign guests from a wide range of cultural and professional background
6. A feeling of “Vasudev Kutumbkum”, celebrate together with foreigner guests from a wider background, with no hassles and no cost to Indian Bride-Groom couples.

12. Is it 100% guaranteed that I will get foreigner guests?
There is no 100% guarantee that if you allow 10 foreigner guests, for example,  all 10 will show up in your wedding. They could be less than 10 or even 0 also.
There could be unexpected events beyond our control ( example last minute travel plan change, sickness etc) which could force us to refund them.
In such rare cases, EIW will try it’s best to inform you ASAP. Again, it will have no impact on you or your wedding event.