Identity Check

Identity Check

Last updated: July 2018

EIW takes Personal Identity Verification as well as Personal Data Protection seriously. Already it is a complex topic, however, different jurisdictions make it even more complex to observe and ensure applicable compliance.

EIW follows instructions provided by it’s legal team to ensure compliance with applicable local Data Protection regulations ( including Privacy Act of Canada,  Privacy Act 1988 of Australia or GDPR of EU, for example)

EIW may request very limited personal data (example, mobile number, whatsapp number or FB/IG or other Social IDs) of Indian Bride-Groom couples to identify them. However, we don’t conduct a full KYC type background check (that Banks or other Financial Institutions do) as we have no intention to store their Personal data on our servers, for a very long period of time in future. Similarly, EIW may request certain personal data items from Foreigner guests also to verify their identity also, solely for the purpose in hand. EIW being originated from EU, complies with key principles of good practices directed by EU regulations, beside many other international applicable regulations. For example, EU GDPR states that the data collected must be:

    1. Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
    2. Accurate.
    3. Kept no longer than necessary.
    4. Processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights.
    5. Secure.
    6. Transferred only to countries with adequate protection.
    7. Fairly and lawfully processed.
    8. Processed for limited purposes.

Below you can find a few useful URLs about Data Privacy and related topics: